Why Webcam Girls Shouldn’t Do The Macarena

The Macarena?!

You probably haven’t heard that since the 90s, right?! lol


Well there’s a reason I mention it…

Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

But first, I have to tell you something very important.

“Your pussy is valuable!”

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well it might sound obvious, like….

Duh, Jared! Of course my pussy is valuable! That’s why I do what I do!”

Yes, but here’s what I mean…

If you’re a cam model, people can basically watch your uncensored action for free, right?

If you’re on MyFreeCams or any other cam site, and you’re doing a show there…

Anyone can go to the site, select from THOUSANDS of other women and basically get a free show without paying anything.

And then you’re there showing your sexy and beautiful body…

…performing your best, HOPING that some guys in the room will tip you.

Well I’ll say it again…

Your pussy is valuable!”

So why show it to EVERYONE, when only a few actually pay you?

Well it’s probably because you didn’t realize there’s a better way!

And that’s why many of our models prefer having a premium Snapchat account with us.


Because ONLY the people that pay will actually get to see your pussy and all other parts of your beautiful body.

I mean that’s pretty much what one of our models told me…
(screenshot below of her comment)

Your paying customers get what they want…

And the people that don’t buy, don’t get to see everything!

Seems more fair to your customers, doesn’t it?

PLUS, you can chat and interact with your customers in your premium, rather than weeding through all the freeloaders that might be watching you on a cam site or somewhere else online.

Also, by doing a premium Snapchat…

You’re able to be a lot more mobile, since all you need is your cell phone and internet.

This gives you the freedom to do a premium show in your car, in a dressing room, or anywhere else you want…without having to bring your whole laptop and webcam with you!

Is this starting to make sense?

Now I know what you’re thinking…

But Jared, these cam sites have a LOT of people on there, so it’s easy for me to get a lot of people to watch me. I don’t have a big Snapchat page, so I don’t get a lot of people to watch my premium shows.”

And that’s totally understandable.

Here’s how we solve that issue for you…

You see, when you decide to become a MuseModel and work with us on your premium Snapchat, you get to leverage our Snapchat networks!

We have a network on Snapchat of nearly 200k viewers (as of me writing this blog post). And we are growing that network size every day.

And we allow our models to promote themselves on our Snap pages for free, so they can get more sales to their premium account!

This way it’s much easier for YOU to make more money with your premium Snapchat, rather than doing everything on your own.

Does that make sense?

Now let’s face it…

As you probably already know, the adult industry, just like most other industries, is changing BIG TIME…

The internet and social media has changed the game for EVERYONE!

Membership sites and cam sites aren’t what they were in 1995.

Remember 1995??

That’s when The Macarena was popular!
(lol, I told you I’d tie that back in)

Nowadays, guys want that personal and private connection.

And they want it wherever they go.

That’s what Snapchat is all about.

It’s private, personal and mobile, so it fills this need!

So if you’re tired of the “cam show freeloaders” and you ONLY want the people that pay to see you naked and connect with you…

…then you may want to consider partnering with us on your premium Snapchat.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a premium Snapchat account already or not because we can work together either way.

And if you have any questions, feel free to post them in a comment below or Contact Us here.


Jared James
> Your Escort to Freedom
(And not the illegal kind of escort, but the kind of escort that escorts you to your seat in the movie theater) 😉

P.S. So if you’re a cam girl, don’t be doing the Macarena or webcams like it’s 1995.

Step into 2017 and ride the wave of the premium Snapchat trend!

It’s better here.